J. Robert G. Williams

I’m employed by the University of Leeds to teach and research philosophy. I work in a cluster of areas: quite a bit in Metaphysics, and the Philosophy of Logic and Language, and in some areas of Epistemology and Philosophy of Mind.

I’ve supervised or co-supervised PhD theses on the individuation of options; truth pluralism; words as artefacts; mereology; ontological commitment; the epistemology of mathematics; the semantics of definite descriptions; the metaphysical commitments of logic; and constructivism in mathematics. I’m happy to supervise students in any of my areas of research interest.

I am determinately from Great Britain, but not determinately from any part of Great Britain. I’ve lived in Oxford, Newcastle, Cambridge, North Wales, Oxford, St Andrews and West Yorkshire. My parents were born in Scotland and mid-Wales but grew up in the North East. Don’t expect to recognize my accent. I’ve lived twice as long in Yorkshire as anywhere else.

In my free time I am a Bingley Harrier and a fell runner.

My principal research project at the moment is: