Selected Research Presentations (upcoming)

Selected Research Presentations (recent)

  1. Lisbon, LanCog seminar. “Interpreting Groups”. April 2021.
  2. NYU, Mind and Language seminar. “Affect, desire and interpretation”. March 2021. Comments from Dave Chalmers.
  3. Toronto, class discussion of The Metaphysics of Representation. March 2021.
  4. Leeds, workshop on Convention. “Convention by degrees”. January 2021.
  5. Glasgow, Cogito mini-workshop. “Epistemic principles of interpretation”. November 2020.
  6. Lingnan/Hong Kong University, departmental colloquium. “Epistemic principles of interpretation”. Oct 2020.
  7. University of Texas, Austin, departmental colloquium. “Against epistemic charity”. Sept 2020.
  8. Social Ontology 2020, “Publicity and commitment to believe). July 2020.
  9. UCL Language and Meaning Centre. Talk on common knowledge. (postponed indefinitely due to covid-19).
  10. Tel Hai, Israel. “Against epistemic charity”. April 2020.
  11. Leeds Centre for Metaphysics and Mind March 2020. “Against Epistemic charity”.
  12. APA Central Author meets critics on the Metaphysics of Representation. February 2020. “Response to critics”.  Critics: David Chalmers, Imogen Dickie and Adam Pautz.
  13. NYU/ConceptLab conference on the metasemantics of AI. February 2020 “Interpreting Alien Minds”.
  14. Swedish congress of philosophy, keynote for Metaphysics stream. June 2019. “Persistence and Representation”.
  15. Glasgow senior seminar. “Triviality and indeterminacy”. April 2019.
  16. APA Pacific “Triviality and indeterminacy”. April 2019.
  17. Cambridge grad conference on philosophy of logic and maths “Commitment problems”. January 2019.
  18.  Tokyo workshop on metasemantics, September 2018. Workshopped two chapters of The Metaphysics of Representation, Josh Dever and Brian Weatherson commentators.
  19. Workshop on normativity, Uppsala. December 2017.
  20. “Induction and interpretation” Oxford, Jowett Society. November 2017.
  21. “Induction and interpretation” Bristol, philosophy seminar.
  22. “Linguistic convention and the metaphysics of mental representation” St Andrews, keynote at Arche Graduate Conference. October 2017.
  23. LSE, conference on philosophy of language for decision theory, May 2017. “Options!”
  24. Toronto, departmental seminar, April 2017 “Induction and Interpretation”
  25. Joint session of the Mind Association and Aristotelian Society, June 2016. “Vagueness s indecision” (plenary session with John Macfarlane).
  26. UCL, departmental seminar, November 2016. “Normative Reference Magnets”
  27. Cambridge, moral sciences club, Spring 2016. “Normative Reference Magnets”
  28. Leeds, Sense and Metasemantics. “The Grain and Ground of Doxastic Space”.
  29. Rutgers, Unstructured Conference. April 2016. “The Grain and Ground of Doxastic Space”
  30. Michigan, visitor attached to Sarah Moss’s seminar, November 2015.
  31. Bergen, conference on logic, October 2015. “Rational Illogicality”
  32. Hamburg, conference on Lewis on representation, September 2015.
  33. ANU, philsoc, July 2015.
  34. ANU, conference on ethics and uncertainty, July 2015 “Can indeterminacy matter?”.
  35. Oxford, conference on the philosophical significance of verbal disputes, May 2015.
  36. Ratio conference on indeterminacy and ethics, April 2015 “Indeterminacy, Angst and Ethics”.
  37. Commenting at the Carolina Metaphysics Conference, January 2015.
  38. Stockholm, November 2014. “Representations of an external world”
  39. Uppsala, November 2014. “Rational illogicality”
  40. York, Mind Network Meeting, October 4th 2014. “Representations of an external world”.
  41. Kings College London, departmental colloquium, September 2014. “Representations of an external world”
  42. Munich, conference on Logical Norms. September 2014. “Rational illogicality”
  43. Leeds, inaugural lecture “Representations of an external world”.
  44. Duke University, workshop on Belief. May 2014.
  45. Hamburg, conference on Conditionals. April 2014.
  46. Leeds centre for ethics and metaethics, March 2014. “Indeterminacy, Angst and Ethics”.
  47. Leeds undergraduate philosophy society, February 2014. “Frege”
  48. Leeds Centre for metaphysics and mind, January 2014 “Rational illogicality”.
  49. Leeds Representation seminar, “Radical Interpretation Revisited” (three seminars).
  50. Leeds, workshop on conditional thinking. “Suppositions and Decisions” (joint work with Daniel Elstein).
  51. Cambridge, Trinity Undergraduate Philosophy Society, January 2014. “Semantic bookkeeping and semantic teleology”
  52. Reading, departmental colloquium, January 2014. “Rational illogicality”
  53. Princeton, departmental colloquium, November 2013. “Rational illogicality”
  54. Syracuse, colloquium, November 2013. “Semantic bookkeeping and semantic teleology”.
  55. Leeds Centre for metaphysics and mind, November 2014 “Semantic bookkeeping and semantic teleology”.
  56. Oxford, philosophy of mathematics seminar, November 2013. “Rational illogicality”
  57. Edinburgh, departmental colloquium, October 2013. “Semantic bookkeeping and semantic teleology”
  58. St Andrews, departmental colloquium, October 2013. “Rational illogicality”
  59. Aberdeen, research seminar, October 2013. “Mindmaking”
  60. Sydney, July 2013. “Inconceivable Indeterminacy”
  61. ANU, Thursday seminar, July 2013. “Mind-Making”
  62. Brisbane AAP, July 2013. “Two kinds of logical norm”.
  63. Nottingham, departmental colloquium, February 2013. “Intuitionism, indeterminacy and inconstancy”
  64. Glasgow, departmental colloquium, January 2013. “Decision making under indeterminacy”
  65. Aberdeen, workshop for Crispin Wright, December 2012. “Intuitionism, indeterminacy and inconstancy”.
  66. Oxford, Jowett Society, November 2012. “Reference magnetism”.
  67. LSE, London, 30th October 2012: Popper seminar. “Probability and nonclassical logic”
  68. Frieburg, October 2012: Decision-making under non-epistemic uncertainty. “Decision making under indeterminacy”
  69. Brown, RI, 7 September 2012: departmental colloquium. “Decision making under indeterminacy”
  70. Formal epistemology workshop, Munich, May 2012 invited paper. “Probability and non-classical logic”.
  71. Central APA, February 2012: symposium on Probability and Accuracy, with Jim Joyce, Hannes Leitgeb and Richard Pettigrew.
  72. Barcelona: December 2011: Persp Space and Time Workshop on the open future “Believing in an open future “.
  73. Barcelona: November 2011: Vagueness in Physics, Metaphysics and Metametaphysics IV, “Indeterminate survival: by degrees “.
  74. London seminar on model theory and philosophy, October 2011: “Reference magnetism”.
  75. Arche workshop on naturalness in semantics and metaphysics, October 2011: “Reference magnetism”.
  76. Oxford metaphysics workshop, September 2011: Commentary on Kit Fine’s “An abstract characterization of the determinate/determinable distinction”.
  77. Carolina Metaphysics workshop, June 2011; “Indeterminate survival by degrees”
  78. Leeds AHRC metaphysical indeterminacy internal workshop May 2011; ” Indeterminacy, the very idea. “.
  79. Formal Epistemology Workshop, Los Angeles, May 2011; “Decision making under indeterminacy “
  80. Cambridge HPS seminar April 28th 2011; “Decision making under indeterminacy “.
  81. Leeds CMM seminar, January 2011; “Decision making under indeterminacy “.
  82. Rutgers departmental colloquium 8th November 2010; “Counterfactual Triviality “.
  83. NYU Mind and Language seminar 26th October 2010; “Reference magnetism”.
  84. Maryland departmental colloquium 20th October 2010; “Counterfactual Triviality “.
  85. Leeds CMM seminar September 2010; “Reference magnetism “.
  86. Humboldt University, Berlin, Workshop. July 2010; “Belief and borderlineness “.
  87. St Andrews Foundations of Logical Consequence 11-15th June 2010; “Logic norms, accuracy, and degree of belief “.
  88. Bristol departmental colloquium; Fri May 14th 2010. “Logic norms, accuracy and degree of belief “
  89. Leeds, Aesthetics seminar; May 2010 “Incomplete Fictions”.
  90. Lancaster; April 2010 “Incomplete Fictions”
  91. London Linguistics seminar; Wed February 24th February 2010 “Tenable conditionals”
  92. London Logic and Metaphysics forum; Tue 23rd February 2010 “The cognitive role of indeterminacy”
  93. Barcelona VPMM workshop; 21-22nd January 2010 “The cognitive role of indeterminacy”
  94. Nottingham Metaphysics conference; December 2009. “Requirements on reality”
  95. Edinburgh departmental seminar; November 2009. “Accurate beliefs about indeterminacy”
  96. Joint Logic/Philosophy seminar, Leeds; November 2009 “Non-classical logic and probability”
  97. Michigan departmental colloquium; October 30th 2009. “Accurate beliefs about indeterminacy”
  98. CMM seminar, Leeds; October 2009 “Accurate beliefs about indeterminacy”
  99. Fictionalism Conference, Manchester; 16th September 2009. “The metaphysics of radical interpretation”.
  100. ANU thursday seminar (& pre-talk); July 2009. “Accurate beliefs about indeterminacy”
  101. Visit to ANU: July 2009
  102. AAP talk: “Degree supervaluationism and logic” July 2009.
  103. Leeds workship on metaphysical indeterminacy: “Vagueness in the world: conceptual and metaphysical issues”. May 2009.
  104. Leeds CMM seminar “Degree supervaluationism and logic” April 2009.
  105. Leeds WIP seminar “Accuracy norms, truth norms, and non-classical truth”.
  106. MIT departmental colloquium, Cambridge MA; “Indeterminate survival” February 27th 2009.
  107. Barcelona VPMM workshop; “Vagueness in the world: conceptual and metaphysical issues. February 2009.
  108. Leeds CMM seminar: “The cognitive role of indeterminacy”.
  109. Leeds HPS seminar: “Past changers and Law-breakers”.
  110. Research seminar Oxford, UK; “Indeterminate survival” October 31st 2008.
  111. Serious Metaphysics Group, Cambridge UK; “Part-intrinsic survival” October 29th 2008.
  112. Moral Sciences Club, Cambridge UK; “Indeterminate survival” October 28th 2008.
  113. Manchester departmental Research Seminar; “Indeterminate survival” October 8th 2008.
  114. CMM graduate conference, Leeds. Commentator for Dave Liebesman; September 2008.
  115. First Formal Epistemology Festival on Conditionals and Ranking Functions, Konstanz. “Vagueness, conditionals and probability”; July 2008.
  116. Metaphysical Mayhem, Rutgers, NJ. (Commentator); July 2008.
  117. Leeds WIP seminar; “Vague Survival”; April 2008
  118. Seminar series, Arche, St Andrews. “Indeterminacy and partial belief”; April 2008.
  119. Indeterminacy and partial belief I: The open future and future-directed belief.
  120. Indeterminacy and partial belief II: Conditionals and conditional belief.
  121. Indeterminacy and partial belief III: Vague survival and de se belief.
  122. Themes in the Philosophy of David Armstrong, Nottingham, UK; “Metaphysical indeterminacy and its revisionary rivals “; February 2008.
  123. Leeds CMM seminar; “Metaphysical indeterminacy and its revisionary rivals”; February 2008.
  124. London Logic and Metaphysics forum; “Is survival intrinsic?”; December 2007.
  125. Leeds CMM seminar; “Is survival intrinsic?”; December 2007.
  126. The Physics within Metaphysics, Rutgers, NJ; Comments on Tim Maudlin “Completeness, supervenience and ontology” October 2007.
  127. Rutgers Philosophy of language group “Indicative conditionals and probability: revisited”; October 2007.
  128. Leeds CMM seminar (with Elizabeth Barnes) “Theories of ontic vagueness”; October 2007.
  129. Leeds WIP seminar; “Indicative conditionals and lottery beliefs”; October 2007.
  130. CSMN workshop, Oslo: On Reference. August 2007 “Fundamental and derivative truths”.
  131. Metaphysics workshop, St Andrews, May 2007. “Truth without ontology”, (joint presentation with Ross Cameron).
  132. INPC metametaphysics conference, Boise, Idaho, April 2007. Panel with Ted Sider and Iris Einheuser. “On Sider on Naturalness”
  133. Academic Edge talk (undergraduate philosophy society), 15 March 2007 “I do not exist”.
  134. CMM Workshop Structure in Metaphysics, University of Leeds, 10 March 2007 “Semantics for nihilists”
  135. CMM Seminar, University of Leeds, 2 March 2007 “Supervaluational consequence”
  136. Philosophical Society, University of Oxford. 16th Feb 2007. “Semantics for nihilists”.
  137. Senior seminar, University of Leeds. 1st Feb 2007. “Semantics for nihilists”.
  138. Symposium contribution at Status Belli: neo-Fregeans and their critics Arché AHRC research centre, University of St Andrews. 8-10th Dec 2006. “Abstracting to the complex numbers “.
  139. Research Seminar, Univerisity of Durham. 9th Nov 2006. “The Price of Inscrutability “.
  140. Research Seminar, Univerisity of York, 26th Oct 2006. “Primitive Vagueness”.
  141. Leeds WIP seminar; “Primitive Vagueness”; October 2006.
  142. Royal Institute of Philosophy annual conference: Being. Leeds, Sept 2006. Replying to Hugh Mellor’s “Microcomposition”.
  143. Foundations of Mathematics Seminar, Arché AHRC research centre. St Andrews, June 2006. “There is no might argument against conditional excluded middle”.
  144. Philosophical Review workshop, Cornell University. April 2006. “Eligibility and Inscrutability”