PhD Projects

I’m willing to supervise in any of my areas of research interest. Please do drop me a line at if you want to discuss potential PhD projects.

Completed supervision:

  • Stephan Kraemer. PhD 2011.Second-Order Quantification and Ontological Commitment”. (final year only).
    (Currently post-doctoral research associate, University of Hamburg. This thesis won the Wolfgang-Stegmüller-Preis)
  • Mirja Holst. PhD 2012.Ordering semantics for incomplete descriptions”.
    (2012: DAAD award at the University of Hamburg. Then research associate at the University of Aachen.)
  • Alex Oldemeier. PhD 2012.The epistemology of abstraction”.
    (AHRC award, 2009-11. Jacobsen fellow, 2011-12.)
  • Thomas Brouwer. PhD 2015PhD on the metaphysical commitments of logic. (Jacobsen fellow, 2012-13. Postdoc on the Metaphysical basis of Logic, Aberdeen, 2013-15. Now Research Development Assistant and Postdoc, Leeds.).
  • Laura Crosilla. PhD 2017. PhD on the philosophy of constructive mathematics.

Current supervision:

  • Nick Tasker. 2013-  (Jacobsen fellow 2016-17)
  • Will Gamester. 2013- (Jacobsen fellow 2016-17)
  • Gary Mullen. 2014- (Wrocah award 2014-17, Aristotelian Society bursary 2017-18).
  • Fabio Ceravolo. 2014- (secondary supervisor). 
  • Josh Matthews. 2014- (secondary supervisor. Josh is based in Sheffield).
  • Sam Careelmont. 2015- (secondary supervisor).