PhD Projects

I am currently particularly interested in supervising projects in the following three areas:

  1. The nature of representation: the metaphysics, epistemology and explanatory role of mental and linguistic content. In association with the ERC-funded project on this theme, there will be two full PhD studentships on these themes, to start in 2013.
  2. Living in a non-classical world: theory of belief, knowledge and action in a nonclassical/indeterminate setting.
  3. Conditional thinking: the nature, function, and logic of indicative and counterfactual conditionals and conditional belief.

Following the links will take you to project websites, which include further details on the opportunities within the projects.

I’m also willing to supervise in any of my areas of research interest. Please do drop me a line at if you want to discuss potential PhD projects.

Completed supervision:

  • Stephan Kraemer. PhD 2011.Second-Order Quantification and Ontological Commitment”. (final year only).
    (Currently post-doctoral research associate, University of Hamburg. This thesis won the Wolfgang-Stegmüller-Preis)
  • Mirja Holst. PhD 2012.Ordering semantics for incomplete descriptions”.
    (2012: DAAD award at the University of Hamburg. Currently research associate at the University of Aachen.)
  • Alex Oldemeier. PhD 2012.The epistemology of abstraction”.
    (AHRC award, 2009-11. Jacobsen fellow, 2011-12.)
  • Thomas Brouwer. 2010–PhD on the metaphysical commitments of logic. (Jacobsen fellow, 2012-13. Currently postdoc on the Metaphysical basis of Logic, Aberdeen).

Current supervision:

  • Laura Crosilla. 2012– PhD on the philosophy of constructive mathematics.
  • Nick Tasker. 2013-
  • Will Gamester. 2013-
  • Gary Mullen. 2014-