My office hours at 2pm-3pm on Thursdays and 1pm-2pm on Fridays during teaching term. I’m available at others times by appointment. 

My office is room 2.05 at 3 Cavendish Road (just north of the EC Stoner building and opposite the Clothworker’s centenary concert hall). You will need to press the buzzer bearing my name to enable me to let you through the door—and then my office at the top of two flights of stairs.

Previous teaching:
Philosophy of mathematics and logic (level 3) (cotaught with Michael Rathjen (twice) and Laura Crosilla (once)).
Descartes (tutorials, level 1)
Interpreting Philosophical texts (tutorials, level 1)
Introduction to the Philosophy of Language (level 2)
Introduction to Logic (level 1)
Advanced Topics in the Philosophy of Language (level 3)
Advanced Topics in the Philosophy of Logic (level 3)
Introduction to Logic (co-taught with Jason Turner)
The Self (MA module)
Research Skills (MA module)
Philosophy of Language (MA module)
The Mind (level 1)
Advanced Topics in Mind and Knowledge (co-taught with Andrew McGonigal)