San Francisco

San Francisco! I’m staying at a hotel with a very posh lobby, the Sir Francis Drake, just down the street from the APA venue. I’ve enjoyed a hour-long double-decker train journey, and am just being struck once more about the strangeness of being in a different country.

I think food may be in order, then recovery before the hard philosophical slog restarts…

One response to “San Francisco

  1. The Aesthetics Avenger

    Eat well Robbie. I recommend eating as much Vietnamese food as possible. They tell me it’s hard to get in W. Yorkshire.

    The divey Irish restaurant/cafeteria across from the hotel is good for a sandwich during the conference.

    I’ve had a very good meal at AALBONA, “the first and only Istrian restaurant on the West Coast”.

    And you should definitely get some Mexican. And/or some Ecuadoran food in the Mission–‘pupusas are spicy, filling, and delicious’.

    btw: “the strangeness of being in a different country”? Tell me about it.

    If you wanna’ see a real record store, drop by Rasputin down the street from the conference hotel.

    OK, the whedonverse calls.

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