A new wordpress home for theories n things

I’ve decided to move this blog to wordpress (I like the extra features it brings—and particularly the ability to use latex commands to write in logical notation—I plan to use that a lot).

Please feel free to leave comments on the functioning and aesthetics of the new blog. (The picture in the title-bar, if you’re wondering, is Mary the colour scientist in her monochrome room—a section from a rather lovely picture that was drawn for me for my first year “Mind” lectures by a friend of one of the graduate students here at Leeds).

7 responses to “A new wordpress home for theories n things

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  2. Carrie Jenkins

    Welcome to (y)our new virtual home! I see you’ve gone for a nice legible option. You might want to turn off the “snapshot” feature though … personally it drives me nuts!

  3. Hi Robbie,

    How difficult was the transferring process? Have been thinking about this for a while myself. Getting very tired of Blogger. (Like the look of the new site.)

    Looking forward to your talks next week.


  4. Hi Carrie, it’s done! I was wondering why that was happening. Yeah, I liked the clean look (I was thinking that readability might depend on which computer you’re using. I use a laptop with a relatively small display and that might make the white-on-black harder to see).

    Andreas—the process was very easy—basically just register and click the “import from blogger” and it does everything for you. I selected one of the standard templates and did a bit of fiddling with what goes in the right hand column (following my nose) and everything else seems to go fine. Oh, and I’ve just turned off comment moderation…

  5. Ok. I’m gonna do it.

  6. Definitely worth the change I think, if not just for the \LaTeX

  7. Daniel Elstein

    I’m going to make you regret turning off comment moderation…

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