Summer conferencing

The summer is here and conferences are arriving!

I’m off to the states for a week in early July for the Metaphysical Mayhem, at which I’m a conference commentator. Dean Zimmerman and Josh Armstrong have put together a great lineup of folk talking on metametaphysics. After that, I’ll be going to the conditionals/formal epistemology workshop in Konstanz, presenting my paper on indicative conditionals, vagueness and belief. Another fab collection of talks. Last but by no means least, I’m due to comment on John Hawthorne’s paper at Leeds’ very own Perspectives on Ontology conference (deadline for registration is approaching—so sign up and come along!). I’ll also be involved in the 3rd Annual CMM grad conference which is happening in the few days before the Perspectives conference–Ross Cameron and myself are going to be on a panel talking about publishing as a grad student.

One thing I’m going to have to miss, with great regret, is the Tartu logical pluralism conference. Again, deadlines are approaching for this, so people who want to go should be registering now!

So much philosophy, so little time.

One response to “Summer conferencing

  1. Aye, that Tartu one looks great! I was contemplating it, but I reckon I’m not going to make it either….

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