Locke lectures

More real content soon, I promise. For the time being I’m down in Oxford on a flying visit to do business. Yes, I’m all grown up now. But I’m also taking the chance to attend one of Hartry Field’s six John Locke lectures—the series is entitled “Logic, Normativity and Rational Revisability”, which are currently being held on Wednesday evenings in Oxford. What is particularly super-funky is that they’re available as mp3 files. (Scroll down this page to find them—the page looks horrible in firefox, but ok in explorer.)

The upshot of all this is that I was able to spend over two hours on the M1 listening to the first two lectures (I was a bit worried that a pile-up would be caused by in-car worrying over whether “potential overrulingness” is a partial ordering of norms—but not so). The sound quality is actually pretty good, and the content fascinating—I’d recommend people give it a go.

I think it’d be great if more of these kind of set piece lecture series were made available in this way. One thing—I can’t find any way of subscribing to these podcasts through rss or itunes and the like (I’m kinda hazy on the technology behind automated podcasting, but I know I like it!). I’m presently manually downloading them and getting them registered… anyone aware of a more elegant way of doing this?

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  1. Seems your expert tutelage has brushed off on me – I was listening to Stalnaker’s Locke lectures on the M25 on Thursday – definately improved my driving!

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